2012 02 18 11:15

Peter Broderick has taken the wraps off the website that is his sophomore vocal album’s namesake.  On the surface, it offers streaming of the entire album, lyrics, media-rich liner notes and an invitation to share.  Spend some time with it and you’ll discover a beautiful mind at work and a hidden treasure trove.


Carlos Forster Daytrotter Session

2012 02 16 16:47

Carlos Forster and Mike Coykendall stopped in at Day Trotter headquarters in Rock Island, IL late last year to give a luminous, bare-bones performance of four songs from Forster’s debut Family Trees

Spend any duration of time with Carlos Forster, listen to any song on his incredibly poignant album “Family Trees,” and you’re bound to feel yourself relating to him, nodding a lot and offering personal stories that don’t usually come out at parties. The way that he thinks and the way that he writes is – in the best possible sense of the word – an inviting mess.

Listen and download the 4 song session at

Peter Broderick Interview

2012 02 16 13:04

Just a few days before the release of Peter Broderick’s ambitious second proper vocal record (and matching website, to be revealed on Feb 20), Peter has taken the time to answer some questions:

In terms of the album’s title and the website to which it refers, the idea of people downloading music and missing out on images, lyrics and more is quite a generous approach. Do you have any specific hopes or aspirations for the website?
When I started this idea of the website title, there were a lot of different incarnations it took of what it could be. It was meant to be a much grander thing with interactive webstuff but at some point during the process, I became really sick of the computer. I felt almost like I’d become a professional emailer instead of a musician. Then I decided to strip it back and take it back to the root of the idea which was just to share the ideas of the songs with people in a way that all the listeners or at least almost all of the listeners will be able to access. I just hope that some people will actually go there because I’ve written a lot of text for different things. I don’t even necessarily hope that people read it all because it’s a lot of information I’m putting up there. I just hope that people take what they want from it and listen to the music in a way that feels right for them. I’m very curious to see what happens…

Read the entire interview at DIY

Meanwhile, the UK press is beginnning to weigh in with glowing reviews:

“The Oregon-born multi-instrumentalist retains that glacial stateliness here over the course of an hour with ambition and vision.” -MOJO

“It’s all unceasingly beautiful.” – Uncut

Peter Broderick – “It Starts Hear” Video, New Album Out Feb 21

2012 01 25 08:41

Following numerous film scores and collaborative projects, Peter Broderick has at last completed the long-awaited follow-up to HOME, his critically-acclaimed debut vocal album. is Broderick’s most ambitious recording to date, the product of three years time.  Pre-order the DLX CD version in the HUSHshop.

Rauelsson – “From River To Sea” Available Now

2012 01 24 13:19

This is a compellingly mature soundtrack for a little-seen personal documentary from Susan Fink entitled From River To Sea which chronicles a turning point in in the her life and the journey to find oneself and a spiritual direction.  Similarly, for Raul Pastor Medall known as Rauelsson, the composition and recording took place at a turning point in his own life.  The results–the tenderness of the melodies, the reflective tempos and the nostalgic sonic textures–are absorbing and make for a rewarding listen without pre-programmed visual companionship.  Get it (on mp3/CD) in the HUSHshop.

Here is the solitary vocal gem on the album, also released on the free HUSH compilation DECA:

“Spring Bird”

New track from Novi Split: “Creeping Round Your Face”

2012 01 06 16:28

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from David J.  Here’s a track that rubs shoulders with the best of his repertoire, and he’s giving it away via Bandcamp.  A happy new year indeed!

And here’s the video:

Novi Split – Creeping Around Your Face from novi split on Vimeo.

New videos from Novi Split

2011 12 29 11:53

Two new videos from Novi Split, both using found footage to a charming effect:

Novi Split – Hollow Notes from novi split on Vimeo.

Novi Split – Keep My Word (‘CMG & WE ARE THE NIGHT’ cover) from novi split on Vimeo.