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Nick Jaina’s ‘Women Album’ Seeking Backers

Nick Jaina wants to release an album of his songs performed by local female artists, including Laura Gibson, Jolie Holland, Tu Fawning’s Corrina Repp and Y La Bamba’s Luzelena Mendoza. $10 will get you a free download of the album, while for $100, Nick will record a personal CD of three cover songs of your choice. And for $500, he’ll write an original song just for you (or someone you love).

So if 50 people donate 100 bucks, Jaina’s on the hook for 150 cover songs!  A true song and dance man if there ever was one!

Nick Jaina kickstarter page — watch the video

From Nick:

I call the album “The Beanstalks That Have Brought Us Here Are Gone”

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting unmastered songs from the album here:

Here are the songs and who sings them:

01. “No One Gives Their Heart Away” featuring Laura Gibson
02. “The President of the Chess Club” featuring Amanda Spring (of Point Juncture, WA)
03. “You Were So Good To Me” featuring Jolie Holland
04. “When the Blind Man Rings That Bell” featuring Kaylee Cole
05. “Once But Never Again” featuring Luzelena Mendoza (of Y La Bamba)
06. “Awake When I’m Sleeping” featuring Audie Darling
07. “Ortolan” featuring Myshkin
08. “James” featuring Johanna Kunin
09. “Whiskey Riddle” featuring Annalisa Tornfelt (of Black Prairie)
10. “Missing Awhile” featuring Corrina Repp (of Tu Fawning)

Peter Broderick – ‘How they Are’ Complete Original Performance

It’s rare that musicians are able to upload video of their entire album as it was recorded in the studio, but an attainable goal when performed ‘live’ without overdubs. In this case, video illuminates some aspects of the performance that our ears might take for granted.  For example: simultaneous guitar and piano playing on “Guilt’s Tune”.

On the heels of recording the detailed, epic followup to Home, Peter took some downtime in Oregon on the mend (after knee surgery) to write a collection of songs and record them one Spring day at the Type Foundry Studio in Portland.  Seven of those songs, presented here, comprise the entirety of How they Are, out last week on HUSH / Bella Union.



Watch the entire original HD recording sequenced in a playlist @ Youtube.

Hosannas Tour, Video Session, Release ‘Together’ Nov 9.

Hosannas | Circle Into Square Sessions #3 from Circle Into Square on Vimeo.

Hosannas played this two song set for the videographers at highlighting their own brand of balladry as a duo.

1. Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on my Shoulder) (Beach Boys cover)

2. Open Your Doors

Today they embark on an epic tour. They’ll have their latest album in tow, the first release for their own label Tree Farm (in partnership with HUSH).  Together is the first studio album from Hosannas, recorded earlier this year with John Askew (Dodos, Tu Fawning) at Scenic Burrows Studio in Portland. Due out Nov 9th, you can hear it first by picking up a copy at one of their shows.

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