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Loch Lomond Rescheduled to Jan 17, Offer ‘Blue Lead Fences’ via RCRD LBL

In anticipation of the big co-headlining show for Loch Lomond this week, we thought we’d link to the hiqh quality download of “Blue Lead Fence(s)” offered via the taste-making RCRD LBL blog (albeit few weeks ago). This is a track off the as yet untitled new album, which was recently given a video treatment by photographer Alicia Rose.

You may want to get advance tickets

Blind Pilot/ Loch Lomond

w/ The Old Believers

[December 17th, 2008]

January 17 2008

Aladdin Theater – Portland, Oregon

The Auteur to Premiere Friday Dec 5, Runs Dec 5 -11 @ Cinema 21

After a year on the festival circuit, The Auteur finally makes it to a screen in Portland. Local film maker James Westby’s film has been drawing a lot of attention, and not simply because it’s riddled with nudity. The Willamette Week put it pretty well, saying, “The rigorous, ramshackle staging makes The Auteur the first titty movie that could have been produced by Rushmore’s Max Fischer. The Auteur may be just the latest movie to mock pornography, but it’s the first one since Boogie Nights to show a belief in movies.

The tight wire act of balancing raunchiness and earnestness was carried out with an adept and unique vision. Likewise the soundtrack features a compelling mix Portland music luminaries: Laura Gibson, Norfolk & Western, Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble, The Decemberists, The Shaky Hands, and Blanket Music, to name a few. Go see it. It is the quintessence of LOL.

Lastly check out a wildly popular IFCnews Segment (8 million views and counting!) that cuts together film clips in with actor insights.

THE AUTEUR: A comedy about love, life, and porn. You’ll be glad you came.

“Laugh out loud funny!” – Variety

PORTLAND PREMIERE! FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5th at 8:30PM, with director James Westby Q&A to follow!!
Get your tickets right now by going here
(Afterparty to follow at SLABTOWN, sponsored by Amber Geiger and Porter Panther)
Playing Dec 5th-11th at 8:30PM & 10:15PM
More information:

Laura Gibson – “Spirited” @ Mississippi Studios Site via End Hits,

“Episode number seven of the fantastic Razing Mississippi series finds Laura Gibson at the wheel of a catepillar um… um… machine? Seriously, what the hell does that thing do? I’m a limp-wristed word pansy, so my knowledge of macho construction equipment is not too sharp. Anyone?

But what I do know about is the gorgeous music of Ms. Gibson–the flower growing through the cracks of the industrial cinderblock wasteland that will someday soon house the new Mississippi Studios venue–who debuts a new song, “Spirited,” in her performance here.” – Ezra Caraeff, End Hits