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Shelley Short, Paste’s Artist Of The Day


“We grew up in an old Victorian house with wood heat,” she recounts in her feather-light voice. “It got really cold in certain rooms. So I had a wood stove in my room, and there was a fireplace in the living room and another wood stove in the dining room.” Short’s family chopped their own wood and grew their own food, and the influence of these earthy, provincial early years is tangible in her music, songs that sound not unlike those a quiet, contemplative child might sing while splitting tender for the family.

Short revisited the bleak Portland winter to record her new album, A Cave, A Canoo.

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Loch Lomond CD Release @ The Woods Video Highlights

Rounding out a trifecta cavalcade of live video announcements, we have the positively luminous performance of Loch Lomond at The Woods for the Night Bats CD release.  All in attendance witnessed a stirring evernt.



Watch more performances by Loch Lomond in a video playlist

Since that performance thae band completed a rewarding west coast, without wasting a minute.  Several live audio and video tapings are expected to hit the nets shortly.

Ritchie also took time to give this illuminating interview with Oregon Music News, which details the fantastic muses behind writing the lead track “Ghost Of An Earthworm” and title track “Night Bats”.

The first two songs on Night Bats – “Ghost Of An Earthworm” and the title track – have a fable like quality to them. What was the inspiration behind these two?

When I was 14, I saw an episode of Ripley’s Believe It or Not and in it was an Indian peasant who in his backyard saw these giant glowing earthworms. About six months ago, I had this really vivid dream that I was one of those worms but that I had swallowed a skeleton and could walk around. “Night Bats” is essentially a love song about a person I was dating. She was very much a day person and I was very much a night person, so there was this real love/hate relationship in the way we looked at the world. It showed me that you can be not right for someone but still care about them very much. So, I put that in a fable setting, and wrote a not vague metaphor for that situation.

Essential reading.

Rauelsson Video Highlights, “Debutantes”



Watch more performances in a video playlist

Rauelsson – “Debutantes”

Local Cut got the scoop on the lead track from La Siembra, la Espera y la Cosecha out Jan 12, 2010 on HUSH, and had these illuminating comments:

Rauelsson recorded the core of his new record—everything but the vocals, really—at Type Foundry studios in the fall/winter last year with the help of friends and producers Adam Selzer and Dave Depper (Norfolk & Western), and you can hear the seasonal touch. La Siembra, la Espera y la Cosecha is a mostly acoustic album, and “Debutantes” even forgoes percussion (except for a little sleigh bells in the background) for atmosphere. The light touch, then, is supplied by Rauelsson’s expansive voice, one that’s so pretty that you don’t really care that he’s singing in a foreign language.

Laura Gibson @ Mississippi Video Highlights

Some new-to-the-stage material:



Watch several performances in a video playlist.

Aside from saying it was a special night, we’ll let the videos speak for themselves, and perhaps  add this very visual description from Melophobe (which posted quality pictures and an audio track.)

After a couple amusing stories that passed as jokes, and one too many spells cast on the audience with their magical accordions, xylophones, and melodicas, country princess Laura Gibson graced the stage: golden hair tumbling down over an ivory vintage dress hovering ghost-like over dark brown tights which plunged dramatically into a pair of white, 1970’s nursing shoes.

Before launching into “Hands in Pockets,” Laura joked in a notch above a whisper, “I realize it’s a rainy night and swine flu is on the rampage. I just came from Japan and everyone on the subway has those masks. So, anyone who feels a cough coming on, if you could move to one side of the room, and if you feel healthy, move to the opposite side. Uh, thanks.”

Loch Lomond OPBmusic Studio Session

Listen to the Loch Lomond In-Studio Set Here

It’s gorgeous!  Then buy the CD here (also gorgeous!).  And, definitely do not miss the CD Release show at The Woods, next Tuesday November 10th.

Recording engineer: Steven Kray, with technical assistance from Randy Layton

The Portland sextet makes a second stop by our studios at the end of a busy year, capped off next week by the release of their Night Bats EP. They talk music videos (specifically, this one), Bee Gees covers and the name change that wasn’t, and shed some light on the full-length they’re prepping for a 2010 release, Little Me Will Start a Storm.

Look for three Oregon dates from the band surrounding the Night Bats release: Nov. 9th at the Pendleton Center for the Arts in Pendelton; Nov. 10th at The Woods in Portland; and Nov. 11th at the Univ. of Oregon in Eugene. They then begin a string of dates down the California coast at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco on Nov. 12th. Plus, don’t miss Loch Lomond on an upcoming edition of OPB-TV’s Art Beat, including footage shot during our session.

Hear Loch Lomond’s previous opbmusic session, recorded in January of 2008