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“A Bird In The Operahouse” Out Now.

Magnet Magazine wants to know what album you’ve been looking forward to this week.  Naturally there’s only one right answer:

A Bird in the Operahouse is out today at finer record shops and here at The HUSHshop, with a limited stock of signed copies still available!  Now available with an instant download.

Praise For Nick Jaina’s Latest

Order your signed copy now!

The CD Release Show is tonight!  (Friday, April 2, at Doug Fir. 9 pm. $10. 21+.)
“A Bird in the Opera House” marks a significant development for Jaina and by extension the city’s music scene. Recorded by no less than a dozen Portland-based players, who serve in an equal number of projects, this stands as another example of a communal project by local musicians with worldwide potential.

-The Oregonian

More than any other local songwriter, Jaina songs beg to be read, labored over and deconstructed. On A Bird in the Opera House, his fourth full-length for Hush, his words are still the first thing you notice.

-Willamette Week

“A roving troubadour with a knack for writing truly gorgeous songs, Nick Jaina celebrates full-length album number seven.”

-Portland Mercury