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This is a quick post to introduce the tender song-writing of Rauelsson. His debut, Teimpo De & Pacifico (out now) presents a collection of songs in two acts; two CD EPs based on separate, yet intertwined themes (time, the Pacific Northwest) with a personal narrative. It’s an ambitious first step for a young man who spends his days as a neuroscience researcher, and it caught our attention from the first few notes. One can’t help but get the impression that Raúl studied music as intensely as, say, synapses, and he is only now exposing this part of himself for the greater public.

Tiempo De & Pacifico feature a long list of contributors. A highlight might be a duet with Laura Gibson, though the tracklist is solid and succinct start to finish. But don’t take our word for it. Have a listen:
Tiempo De and Pacifico EPs Sampler Mix

Download this mix and many others via the iTunes HUSHcast

Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding at Jazz Sous les Pommiers 2008
© Yann Renoult

In 2002 HUSH had the distinct honor of releasing a compelling album by a young trio called Noise for Pretend entitled Happy You Near. At the center was 17 year-old Esperanza Spalding on double bass and vocals. Her pop ensemble lived a short lifespan of little more than a year, owing to her full scholarship offer in Boston. Six years later she’s a graduate (poster child, and youngest faculty member ever) of Berklee College of Music, she’s played stages around the world with jazz giants, and just yesterday she released her second solo record, titled simply Esperanza. It appears that the buzz in the jazz world is spilling over: Esperanza was recently featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and the cover of Bass Player Magazine to name a few. On June 4th she’ll play David Letterman’s Late Show with her trio. It’s likely just the beginning. Congratulations Esperanza!

Happy You Near Sampler Mix

Visit her screen-engulfing website here.

Meet Run On Sentence


Run On Sentence is the name Dustin Hamman chose to represent his music variously played solo, or in ensemble. The name may be a bit of a misnomer, in that Hamman’s songs are taut in verse and structure. Stylistically his songs may be adventurous (blues, juke joint music, soaring arrangements a lá Neutral Milk Hotel…) but he is never prone to prattle or self-indulgence. His debut Oh When The Wind Comes Down will be released on HUSH this fall. It was produced by Nick Jaina and features many (most) of the players from the Nick Jaina band and other Portland all stars. Just today the Willamette Week published a feature on him in anticipation of his show this Friday at Mississippi Studios (10pm) with Ryan Solee (of The Builders and the Butchers). This is a highly recommended event.

Hear some tracks on his Myspace page. See also his profile on this site.

Nick Jaina – The 7 Stations


The 7 Stations is now available via the HUSHshop and finer retailers. It showcases the ensemble side of Nick Jaina’s dynamic, genre-hopping songwriting. As per usual we’ve added a sampler mix to our free HUSHcast. And, as per usual it features links and pictures that float by in the album art square as you listen, to elucidate the story. hsh078.jpg

The story in a nutshell is that this is a reissue of the out-of-print release of late 2006. It is, we feel, a modern classic. We’ve also uploaded an mp3 version of the sampler, so you can listen right here:

The 7 Stations Mix

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ps. coming soon to HUSHcast: Rauelsson!