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Loch Lomond’s Ritchie Young: Wax On Max

On the topic of live performance in unexpected contexts:  here we have Ritchie Young entertaining public transit-goers on Portland’s semi-iconic MAX train performing “Wax And Wire” from the stellar Night Bats EP.


The trend of impromptu musical performances in ‘street’ contexts captured on video may have started in the old country but Portland’s Penny Jam and San Fran’s upstart Left | Right Hand and more recently Seattle’s OnePot.org with a hand from Chase Jarvis put their west coast spin on the concept. See Ritchie Young performing at an improvised dining event at Sand Point Naval Air Station, Seattle, WA.

Rauelsson on Disco Grande, RNE Radio 3.

Disco Grande with Julio Ruiz on Radio Nacional de España, Radio 3 is perhaps the Spanish equivalent of  The John Peel Show (BBC) or Nic Harcourt’s Morning Becomes Eclectic (KCRW). Ruiz, who has been hosting the show for 28 38 years (!), took time to interview Raúl last week for his mother country radio audience:

Con un café en la mano, a las siete de la mañana, hora de allá, contestó a nuestras preguntas a propósito de ese brillante trabajo, cantado en español, “La siembra, la espera y la cosecha”.

Rauelsson on Disco Grande (excerpted)

Laura Gibson Video from Vienna Book Shop

It is the current internet zeitgiest the world over. Musical performances captured on video in colorful contexts.  They Shoot Music did a fine job of capturing Gibson and bandmates Sean Ogilvie and Micah Rabwin in this Vienna bookshop.  Laura reports they’ve done several of these sessions on her second tour of Europe in three months: “We’re doing one in a toy store in Paris today!”

We’ll be sure to pass that on when it goes live.  My guess is it’s for a Takeaway Show or Le Concert a Emporter for La Blogoteque one of the longest running guerrilla video performance teams on the beat.



“A Cave, A Canoo” Top 10 of ’09, PDX show

Shelley Shorts’ “A Cave, A Canoo” was recently selected by Popmatters as one of the top 10 releases of 2009:

As with labelmates Laura Gibson and Peter Broderick, to relegate Shelley Short to the category of folk music or singer-songwriter would be to ignore the imagination in her music. She approaches quiet music with the vocal style of a pop crooner and the perspective of a daydreaming child, seeing the world around as a place of mystery. A Cave, a Canoo beautifully captures that point of view, in moody songs riddled with strange angles and tones. Aglow with campfire and fireflies, lost in thoughts of death and birth, the album has a timeless quality that’s breathtaking, sounding new and old at once. The sound of the human voice, alone, is on display, within a fanciful but visceral setting that straddles lines between the adult and child worlds, animal and human worlds, the physical and the metaphysical. – Dave Heaton

Catch Shelley Friday, December 18th, at The Woods (6637 Milwaukie Avenue)

with Brittian Ashford ( NY, NY) and Kaylee Cole (Spokane).

Shelley will be joined by Julianna Bright on Drums and Alexis Gideon on guitar.