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Hosannas – “Thug Life Nicole” Free EP Download


The Hosannas lads, back from the eighth leg of their everlasting tour are feeling generous again.  This time they are unleashing a complete, original studio recording.  Get it while it’s hot (and after you can’t get enough of listening to it, pick up a copy of Together and/or Then & Now & Then

Thug Life Nicole EP [download]

In their own words:

This e.p. has been a long time coming. Initial tracking for these songs was done at type foundry studios in Portland, Oregon in March of 2010. At that time Hosannas was Brandon and Richard Laws, Lane Barrington and Cristof Hendrickson. These basic structures were all recorded in about a day at the end of the “Together” sessions, with John Askew working the boards and keeping us all productive.
We knew at the time that these songs were not going to be part of “Together.” These songs all share a common thread embodied by the title of this e.p. “Thug Life Nicole” is an [plush] albino reindeer we found on the side of the road while on tour in Santa Barbara. She lived in Vanworld Africa USA for a couple years and became our tour mascot. These songs were all blown-out live versions of songs that we had written and had been released as part of the e.p.’s “Gold” and “With All Our Love for Francisco the Man” (both of which are now part of “Then & Now & Then”) as well as “Song Force Crystal.”

However, as the listener may well notice these songs are very different from their predecessors.

In the early summer of 2010 Cristof and Lane left Hosannas to pursue their own projects and Richard and Brandon returned to the studio, this time Scenic Burrows, to complete the e.p. This e.p. was finally completed in February of 2011. The songs have been re-written and re-recorded several times and consequently bear little semblance to what they used to sound like live. More so they are a snapshot of us working to find a new directions to take our songs.



1. Obsolete People
2. Islandz
3. Walroos
4. Cccloud

Laura Gibson Tours w/ Portland Cello Project, Tweets, Gets Published.

This Just in from Laura Gibson:

I am heading into the deep Northern winter country on tour with the Portland Cello Project (who have gotten a good bit of attention recently for a fantastic Kanye West cover). They are amazing! I will not be playing the cello (I am just a poser) but I will be joining their set for some songs, and doing a set of my own songs, accompanied by a few of the players. If you live in any of these places, please come out and say hello. We will do our best to warm your spirits.

3/1 – Minneapolis – Cedar Cultural Center
3/3 – River Falls, Wisconsin – University of Wisconson, River Falls
3/4 – Madison, Wisconson – High Noon Saloon
3/5 – Chicago – The Hide Out
3/5 – Clive, IA – The Bombay Bicycle Club
3/8 – Salt Lake City – The State Room


Follow Laura on Twitter @lgsingsthehits.


Lastly an essay Laura wrote is bing published in The Los Angeles Review! You can find the Los Angeles Review at fine Independent book stores, or online.

Hosannas Tours Wesern States, hits SXSW, preps free EP


Hosannas is on tour forever. This time winding their way to Austin and back. They have an EP in the works that will land soon for the nice price of FREE.  Quality stuff too.  Here’s a teaser for that EP, titled Thug Life Nicole:

Hosannas-Walrus by dangervillage

3/1–Portland @ Bunk Bar (free show!)
3/2–Eugene @ Tectonic Jelly Warehouse
3/4–Oakland @ The Uptown Nightclub
3/5–San Jose @ The Gingerbread House
3/6–San Francisco @ Hemlock
3/7–Santa Barbara @ Muddy Waters
3/9–San Diego @ Soda Bar
3/10-Las Vegas @ Neon Reverb Music Festival
3/11-Pheonix @ Trunkspace
3/12-Alburquerque @ Winnings Coffee
3/13-Denton @ 35 Conferette
3/14-Grapevine, TX @ Pause
3/15-Austin, TX (SXSW) @ Carousel Lounge
3/18-Dallas @ City Tavern
3/19-Tulsa @ Soundpony
3/20-Wichita @ Kirby’s Beer Store
3/21-Denver @ Hi-Dive
3/22-Salt Lake City @ Kilby Court
3/23-Garden City @ VAC