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Tu Fawning’s “Secession” / Repp’s “Other Side”

photo: Alica Rose
photo: Alica Rose

We mentioned that Corrina Repp’s new music vehicle Tu Fawning released a slab of wax a little over a month ago. Now, those of you who don’t rock the turntables can partake. Secession was released by Polyvinyl on CD and digital to finer retailers everywhere. Tu Fawning has some shows coming up in Portland, most notably next week, July 23 at The Doug Fir, and a couple days later on the 25th at the free PDXPop Fest. No excuse not to check them out.

FREE/VALUE? in the HUSHshop.

In other news, we have added Repp’s lost classic The Other Side Is Mud, originally a 1999 CDR release, as another FREE or “give it value” download. It was recently mentioned in a Portland Mercury HUSH Hit Parade retrospective as Ben Barnett’s (Kind of Like Spitting = Fun With Friends) catalog favorite. Perhaps Corrina’s fresh-from-the-oven track from DECA, “Space And All Dead Things” is indication she hasn’t given up her solo career. Only The Repp knows. Meanwhile we can marvel at the unfolding of her vision and voice spanning almost a decade.

Peter Broderick- “Card / Heart Games” Live

If you didn’t catch our introduction to Peter Broderick on the blog, you might have heard the short gem he turned in for track two of DECA, “Refining”. In this YouTube vid we find Peter earlier this year opening for his acoustic/electronic ensemble Efterklang. The song starts off slow, but try to imagine you’re there. At the crescendo visualize Peter running off stage in the wash of vocals, jingle bells, thick chords and tremelo violin whipping a whirly tube. Music enfolding.

Then imagine you’ll have an opportunity to see Peter perform next Spring when he revisits with Efterklang again. (In a year that seems to have gone by so fast, suddenly I want it to go faster.)

ps. And if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Efterklang live, this 1 min. video approximates, figuratively, the feeling that will overtake you when bathing in their sound.

DECA: A HUSH 10th Anniversary Compilation FREE.


Happy Birthday…to us!

We are delighted to share this party favor with you: DECA: A HUSH 10th Anniversary Compilation. It’s a rare snapshot of an invigorating cross section of artists mostly calling Portland home. The majority of its 28 tracks (tracklist below) are previously unreleased, and it features a 36 page pdf booklet.

One note: Should you opt for the convenient, high quality zip download you’ll find you’re given an opportunity to pay an amount of your choosing for it, with the proceeds to go to funding a retreat for the artists who participitated. Songs are the richness of our community and we enjoy sharing them. It is an increasingly rare and meaningful gesture–which does not go unnoticed–when one is willing to pay for them of their own volition.

DECA: A HUSH 10th Anniversary Compilation

Click here to easily download the FULL COMPILATION zip file with pdf booklet (and 2x higher quality mp3s).

Or download the pdf booklet only (5MB).


Album 1

“Hollow Notes” – Novi Split

“Refining” – Peter Broderick

“Come By Storm” – Laura Gibson

“The Afterlife Pt. I” – Run On Sentence

“Winding Sheet” – Nick Jaina

“Coo Coo Bird” – Shelley Short

“Hiding Home” – Norfolk & Western

“Spring Bird” – Rauelsson

“Space And All Dead Things” – Corrina Repp

“Elephants & Little Girls” – Loch Lomond

“Sharra” – Kaitlyn Ni Donovan

“Wii Oui” – Podington Bear

“Broke Down” – Amy Annelle

“The Wagoner’s Lad” – Colin Meloy

Album 2

“Song #4” – Fun With Friends

“Petting Zoo” – Solid Home Life

“Your Smile” – Fancie

“Ridin’ For A Fall” (Young Dub) – Bobby Birdman

“These Blues” – Super XX Man

“Egg Hunt” – Reclinerland

“Asleep At The Wheel” – Casey Dienel

“The Bane Of Progress” – Jeff London

“Flight Cub” – Velella Velella

“Oh Darlin” – Blanket Music

“Big Eye City” – Operacycle

“Elysian Fields (We’re Dead, We’re Dead)” – Parks and Recreation

“Humm-na” – Dat’r

“Sleep At Last!” (Live) – Flash Hawk Parlour Ensemble