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Run On Sentence Tours USA

Run On Sentence will be introducing folk to their new album You The Darkness and Me all month across the land.  Bear witness to Hamman’s unique vocal strength and storytelling in person.  It’s transforming.

  • 08/05/10 Run On Sentence in Davis, CA at Delta of Venus
  • 08/07/10 Run On Sentence in Flagstaff, AZ at Hotel Monte Vista
  • 08/08/10 Run On Sentence in Sedona, AZ at Oak Creek Brewery
  • 08/09/10 Run On Sentence in San Lorenzo/Mimbres Valley, NM at Living Arts Studio
  • 08/13/10 Run On Sentence in Austin, TX at Flipnotics
  • 08/14/10 Run On Sentence in Baton Rouge, LA at Chelsea’s
  • 08/15/10 Run On Sentence in New Orleans, LA at Circle Bar
  • 08/17/10 Run On Sentence in Pensacola, FL at Sluggo’s
  • 08/19/10 Run On Sentence in Atlanta, GA at Wonderroot
  • 08/20/10 Run On Sentence in Spartanburg, SC at The Hub-Bub
  • 08/21/10 Run On Sentence in Asheville, NC at Desoto Lounge
  • 08/22/10 Run On Sentence in Durham, NC at The Pinhook
  • 08/22/10 Run On Sentence in Greenville, NC at The Tipsy Teapot
  • 08/24/10 Run On Sentence in Lynchburg, VA at White Heart
  • 08/25/10 Run On Sentence in Harrisonburg, VA at The Blue Nile
  • 08/30/10 Run On Sentence in NYC at Rockwood Music Hall
  • 08/31/10 Run On Sentence in NYC at Sidewalk Cafe

Shelley Short To Tour Down Under

Shelley will be serenading Oz throughout their wintry August with beloved Aussie popster Darrin Hanlon.

Shelley Short

  • 08/06/10 Shelley Short in Pomona, QLD at Majestic Theatre
  • 08/07/10 Shelley Short in Brisbane, QLD, at The Globe Theatre
  • 08/08/10 Shelley Short in Bangalow, NSW, at A & I Hall
  • 08/11/10 Shelley Short in Armidale, NSW at The Armidale Club
  • 08/12/10 Shelley Short in Newcastle, NSW at Gallipoli Legion Club
  • 08/13/10 Shelley Short in Sydney, NSW at The Factory Theatre
  • 08/14/10 Shelley Short in Canberra, ACT at Tilley’s Divine Cafe
  • 08/15/10 Shelley Short in Katoomba, NSW at Where: Clarendon Guesthouse
  • 08/18/10 Shelley Short in Bulli, NSW at The Heritage Hotel
  • 08/19/10 Shelley Short in Hobart, TAZ at Republic Bar
  • 08/20/10 Shelley Short in Melbourne, Vic at THE THORNBURY THEATRE
  • 08/21/10 Shelley Short in Fremantle, WA at Fly By Night
  • 08/22/10 Shelley Short in Adelaide, SA at Jive
  • 08/25/10 Shelley Short in Broken Hill, NSW at The Palace Hotel
  • 08/26/10 Shelley Short in Bourke, NSW at The Gidgee Guesthouse
  • 08/27/10 Shelley Short in Lightning Ridge, NSW at Hotel/Motel
  • 08/28/10 Shelley Short in Dubbo, NSW at The Midnight Cafe
  • 08/29/10 Shelley Short in Mudgee, NSW at Sajo’s Lounge Bar

Nils Frahm & Anne Müller – Journey For A Traveller [unofficial fan video]

Fresh from YouTube, we have a fan video using archival footage as a black and white video collage to accompany the inherently cinematic music from Nils Frahm & Anne Müller:


Frahm, who burst on to the neoclassical scene as a the solo piano virtuoso to watch in 2009, employs only faint and fleeting use of piano in this arrangement, as on the entire album.  Instead, balancing accessible and avant-garde, he conjures percussive, continually mutating sounds punctuated with string flourishes and motifs, succeeding where so many have failed in the nascent evolution of electro-acoustic music: grafting electronics to classical acoustic perfomance in a way that doesn’t feel forced or tacked on.  It’s musical, integral, breathing, and the images remind us there’s a sense of storytelling and interplay at work in the composition.