Loch Lomond offers up video tease for next album, tour.

Via Local Cut’s Michael Mannheimer:
“Just in time for a month-long trek across the country in support of the Decemberists, Loch Lomond have decided to premiere the lead single from its forthcoming album the best way they knew how: via a grainy, sepia-toned video. The first directing spot for Alicia J. Rose (Doug Fir booker and photographer du jour for most of our folk rock scene), “Blue Lead Fences” sees the seven member chamber folk outfit marching through the woods, following closely behind singer Ritchie Young as he plucks at his violin. The band has just finished recording its new, untitled record, and if this is any indication of what we can expect, then 2009 looks really promising.”

Podington Bear begins a “2nd Season”.

Taking a cue from television, Podington Bear is once again fiddling with different notions of packaging music. The bear has emerged from hibernation with this bipolar cut:

Jackie & Floyd

Starting today, a new surprising season of Podington Bear begins.  A new song will be posted every Friday, replacing the one for the week prior on the P Bear podcast.

Run On Sentence – “Wide Open Sky” (New)

Dustin Hamman resides in The Columbia Gorge, just outside of Lyle, Wa on an idyllic and rough-hewn 40 acre micro-winery. In this wild place he conjured up the songs which comprise Oh When The Wind Comes Down. The following video does a good job of relating the sense of place, backed by birdsong and breeze, that informs both the content of Dustin’s songs and character. Beyond enjoyment of the song, it’s worth watching to the end to catch Dustin’s remarks about glimpsing a rainbow while performing on camera; an endearing deflection which sums up Dustin’s unassuming point of view and gentle demeanor.

Oh When The Wind Comes Down (album sampler)