Hosannas Tour The West

From Hosannas:

We miss you California.  And we miss texas, and las vegas and colorado and utah (maybe most of all), and oklahoma and arizona we miss you too.
and so, we are coming to hang out with you and your sunshine.
play some music for you after the sun sets.

3/1–Portland @ Bunk Bar (free show!)
3/2–Eugene @ Tectonic Jelly Warehouse
3/4–Oakland @ The Uptown Nightclub (also a show at UC Berkley earlier in the day…)
3/6–San Francisco @ Hemlock
3/7–Santa Barbara @ Muddy Waters
3/8–Los Angeles @ The Smell
3/9–San Diego @ Soda Bar
3/10-Las Vegas @ Neon Reverb Music Festival
3/11-Pheonix @ Trunkspace
3/12-Alburquerque @ Winnings Coffee
3/13-Denton @ 35 Conferette
3/18-Dallas @ City Tavern
3/19-Tulsa @ Soundpony
3/20-Wichita @ Kirby’s Beer Store
3/21-Denver @ Hi-Dive
3/22-Salt Lake City @ Kilby Court
3/23-Garden City @ VAC

Laura Gibson Embarks on Tour

(leaving her writing trailer behind…)


In October, I traveled to New York and played a show with Sean Lennon’s new project with Charlotte Kemp Muhl called “The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger”.   I was endeared to Sean and Charlotte and their songs, and I am excited to be touring with them this month. I’ll be previewing (perhaps stumbling through) songs from my new record. Sean Ogilvie will be accompanying me on various instruments. The dates are listed below: (**indicates that the shows where we are supporting The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, all other shows we’ll be headlining). Many of the shows are close to selling out, so I recommend purchasing tickets soon:

Looking forward to seeing some old friends, and meeting new ones!

xo lg

January 14 – Slow Train Music, Salt Lake City, UT (VIP show – contact Slowtrain for details)
January 15 – Triple Nickel – Colorado Springs, CO (with the Changing Colors)
January 16 – Hi Dive – Denver, CO (with Hello Kavita and the Maykit)
January 17 – House Show – Lubbock, TX
January 18 – Dan’s Silverleaf – Denton, TX**
January 19 – Cactus Cafe – Austin, TX**
January 20 – Padre’s – Marfa, TX** (Trevor Reichman is also on this bill)
January 21 – Club Congress – Tucson, AZ**
January 22 – Pappy and Harriet’s – Pioneertown (Joshua Tree), CA**
January 23 – Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA**
January 25 – Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA**
January 26 – Luigi’s – Sacramento, CA
January 28 – The Woods – Portland, OR**
January 29 – Crocodile Cafe – Seattle, WA**

Run On Sentence: CSM, Hippo For Christmas

Over at Dustin Hamman is concocting his own home brew of crowd funding, and rather than attempt to summarize, we’ll turn it over to him:

Howdy friends.

I make a lot of recordings. They are usually quite different than what you get when you buy a Run On Sentence album. They may be recordings of me just playing guitar and singing, there may be 14 layers of vocals two organs and a drum, i might rock out on my midi guitar and make some silliness, i might play a song i’ve crafted, i may make one up as i go, i may cover someone else’s tune, and i might even cover one of my own… it’s hard to say really. The point is that i make them, and i’d like to share some of them with you.

That’s why i’ve decided to start a CSM. It stands for Community Supported Music.
For a donation of $10 – $25 you will receive, via email, 12-20 MP3 recordings in 2011. One a month guaranteed, plus 8 others mixed in if i get 40 or more people to support the project.

If you are interested in supporting this project simply click this button

In the “purpose” field, type CSM plus the email address you would like your music sent to and make your donation. If you’d prefer, you can also send a check, payable to Dustin Hamman, to:
Dustin Hamman
6 Lyle-Snowden Rd.
Lyle, WA 98635

Most, importantly, it would greatly improve the success of this project if you could help spread the word with anyone you think might be interested. You could even sign someone up as a holiday gift!

Still not convinced? Here’s my rendition of the Holiday Classic, I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas as a sample of the joy you could receive throughout the year.

Thanks for your support,
-dustin hamman

Hosannas: PDX MAS “Three Kings”, Into The Woods Teaser & Campaign

Twenty-three Bands contributed to this free holiday compilation, entitled A PDX MAS. Hosannas turned in a noir jazzy version of Three Kings.  Highly recommended listening.

Hosannas – Three Kings

In other Hosannas news, Into The Woods ( are making an appeal for Kickstarter funding with ambitious on-location footage of Hosannas live in Ape Cave (near Mt St. Helens). That’s commitment! Donate and select from lots of rewards.

A year ago, we started this project because we wanted to see bands on a more personal level. We took them and their friends to a cabin in the woods, filmed their performance, and did our best to distill the entire amazing experience into a 15-minute episode. We shot some incredible footage, but the endeavor was so expensive that we could only afford to do it twice. These first few shoots got us obsessed with capturing bands outside of their natural environment. For a year, that’s what we’ve continued doing (in more affordable ways), and now we’re ready to get back to our original concept. This time, however, the project will continue with a more sustainable model that still allows for the raw intimacy found in those original sessions. In our brief existence, we’ve received a huge outpouring of support from the artists in our community, and they’ve expressed their gratitude by offering a number of great rewards to encourage your donations. Help Into the Woods keep going, and see an aspect of live music that would otherwise go undocumented.

“Unlike their peers, Into the Woods feels downright epic, clocking in at nearly 18 minutes, and thus raising the bar for these sort of video concepts. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing future episodes.” – Ezra Caraeff, Portland Mercury