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Wow.  That’s what the doctor ordered.

We’ve long admired Derek Hogue’s Gigpress wordpress plugin as a clean, robust solution for listing our artists tours and dates, but until today our page loading speed has suffered silently from a one letter typo in the source code which sometimes added an excruciating multiple-second delay to our homepage load in otherwise speedy surfing conditions. Now we feel like skipping!  Thanks Derek!

The Auteur coming to a laptop (and radio) near you.

Click here to rent or buy the movie in iTunes.

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Swiftly on the heels of its festival tour and theatrical run The Auteur is now available to the masses!!! We recommend this movie highly when a good belly laugh is overdue.

We hope to make an announcement about the music of The Auteur soon, but in the meantime (the very soon meantime…like two hours from now: 5pm Jan 26th) you can listen to director James Westby wax poetic in his deadpan style about making the movie while spinning selections from the soundtrack on Portland’s KNRK.  The soundtrack features a compelling mix Portland music luminaries: Laura Gibson, Norfolk & Western, Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble, The Decemberists, The Shaky Hands, and Blanket Music, to name a few.

Here’s the (abridged) segment featuring Blanket Music and Coco Cobra:

Auteur Playlist w/ Director James Westby on KNRK

Once again, the trailer can be seen here.

*this movie is unrated.  It probably would not meet the ‘R’ criteria, so needless to say it’s not family fare.

Laura Gibson To Tour West With Juana Molina, Preorder limited signed ed.

This just in:  Laura Gibson will tour the west coast in February with recording artist Juana Molina who will soon release Proximamente on Domino Records.  More Laura Gibson dates on sidebar.

In related LG news we are pleased to announce the first 200 orders for her forthcoming Beasts of Seasons will be signed by the artist. Order now to get your copy.

Feb 10 Triple Door w/ Juana Molina Seattle, Washington
Feb 11 Lola’s Room- Crystal w/ Juana Molina Portland, Oregon
Feb 15 Soho w/ Juana Molina Santa Barbara, California
Feb 16 Detroit Bar w/ Juana Molina Costa Mesa, California
Feb 17 Troubadour w/ Juana Molina Los Angeles, California

Loch Lomond FREE/donation EP download

Trumpets For Paper Children sampler mix

Your week just got better. Loch Lomond is releasing a five song EP entitled Trumpets For Paper Children (for free/donation) culling two songs each from both Paper The Walls and Lament For Children, and adding the all-new “Trumpet Song” as icing on the cake. This is a cohesive and compelling collection for those new to the band.

Just a gentle reminder: Do you tip your bartender, server, or barista? Consider this courtesy when presented with the gift of music. No one is getting rich here. In all honestly, most people do not pay for music when we make it available freely in the HUSHshop. (Some do, and are very generous.) Loch Lomond is okay with giving these songs away, but your gesture of reciprocity in the form of a modest suggested donation ($2.49) is heartfelt and goes straight to the band when you elect to give back. Thanks!