Run On Sentence Daytrotter Sesh.

Daytrotter has posted yet another digital care package for you, featuring our newest voice/face, Dustin Hamman, who will release Oh When The Wind Comes Down on October 14th. It’s a lovely collection highlighting Dustin’s earthy croon and dynamic delivery.

We highly encourage taking your time while you’re there and settling in with the reading material of Sean Moeller, which accompanies the four tracks. Go there now, friend.

Do the Jellyfish
Carrie Pt. II
Foreign and Awkward
State of the Union

Nick Jaina – “Singing The Devil’s Tune”, on KEXP later this week.

Nick Jaina will be playing live this Thursday on KEXP at 1pm. Tune in at or on the dial in Seattle. And if that leaves you curious for a visual, we’ve got you covered. Two new cuts of A Narrow Way (Oct 14) played at The Doug Fir Patio just yesterday:

Nick Jaina – “Singing The Devil’s Tune” from HUSH Records on Vimeo.

Nick Jaina – “Battleground” from HUSH Records on Vimeo.

Jeff London’s Progress

Jeff London is paying Portland a visit for the first time in a couple of years. Says End Hits: “London used to be a fixture in our local music scene. Evidently [he] grew tired of our cheap rent and easily livability, so he high-tailed it to New York a few years back.”

He played a cool, spare set on a hot Thursday night at Towne Lounge delivering the classics and songs off his ’07 release The Bane of Progress. Here’s the title track from the album, which Local Cut says “alternates between sounding a bit like Hush labelmate Kind of Like Spitting, R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe and, well, himself”:

“The Bane Of Progress”

In the following clips he blurs the lines between “33” and “The Bane of Progress with some harmonica.

Jeff London – “33” from HUSH Records on Vimeo.

Jeff London – “The Bane Of Progress” from HUSH Records on Vimeo.