Chad Crouch – Sound of Picture Vol. 3 Free Download

A couple months ago a made this batch of songs which I kinda liked. They are notable for being different from anything I’ve done before:  Ambient.  Now I’m thinking it’s time to set the audio free into the world, so voila, Sound of Picture Vol 3.

Download for free, or suggested donation in the HUSHshop.


Sound of Picture Vol 3 sampler mix

I also made videos for them. Here’s one for the first track, “Sad Cyclops”.


They can be seen in a continuous playlist here.

For more instrumental music consider downloading Vol 1 & 2; short, simple, melodic compositions to accompany photographs.

Magic $3 Sale: Blanket Music, Toothfairy, Chad Crouch.


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I’m going to be the guinea pig and step up to the plate with a sampling from my own discography over the years. Beginning in 1997 we have my only canonical vocal solo release, entitled Portland, Or. Jumping ahead to 2004, my band Blanket Music released Cultural Norms, maybe the snappiest offering from Yours Truly, and has the footnote distinction of breaking into the CMJ top 20. Pitchfork spake thus:

Crouch understands the difference between getting in people’s faces, and inviting them to come to him… he easily could have erred in the other direction by pitching headlong into the cultural wars. Instead, he found a perfect balance, and this is his most compelling album.

Five years on, I’m not sure if I understand anything really, but I am inviting you to consider owning this artifact and judging for yourself.

Lastly, the short-lived Toothfairy mini album Formative is an interesting foray which looks back and forward simultaneously. The lyrics paint a detailed pastiche of adolescence while the electronic palette is certainly an antecedent to Podington Bear, my outlet for instrumental ditties.

So, have a listen and consider for your collection.

Blanket Music - "Cultural Norms"

Blanket Music – “Cultural Norms” Sampler Mix

Chad Crouch - "Portland, Or."

Chad Crouch – “Portland, Or.” Sampler Mix

Toothfairy - "Formative"
Toothfairy – “Formative” Sampler Mix

Laura Gibson US Headlining Tour in June.


All dates with the inimitable Musée Mécanique
05/31/09 – Sun : Kennewick, WA @ The Red Room
06/01/09 – Mon : Spokane, WA @ Empyrean Coffehouse
06/03/09 – Wed : Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium
06/04/09 – Thu : Minneapolis, MN @ Cedar Cultural Center
06/06/09 – Sat : Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen with Rock Plaza Central
06/07/09 – Sun : Madison, WI @ High Noon Saloon  Rock Plaza Central
06/10/09 – Wed : Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar
06/12/09 – Fri : Winooski, VT @ Monkey House
06/15/09 – Mon : Washington, DC @ Black Cat Backstage
06/18/09 – Thu : Norfolk, VA @ The Boot
06/25/09 – Thu : Manitou Springs, CO @ Kinfolks Mountain Shop
06/26/09 – Fri : Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge

07/31/09 – Fri : Happy Valley, OR @ Pickathon
08/01/09 – Sat : Happy Valley, OR @ Pickathon

Hamman Discusses Life on a Winery & Yodelling, Delights Crowd

Dustin Hamman, his band of Johns, (John Vechiarelli, John Whaley & John Reski) and Michael Capello on stand-up bass performed as Run On Sentence for OPB Radio’s Live Wire! variety show a few weeks ago. Despite some technical difficulties (neatly edited out for the radio) the band gave a rousing performance. and Hamman charmed the audience with anecdotes from life in the Columbia Gorge.


You can download the podcast via iTunes (The April 18th Episode)