Catching up with Peter Broderick (from End Hits blog)

Check out this rather awesomely assembled mini-doc of Danish band Efterklang on tour, with them performing “The Soft Beating”—a highlight from their splendid new Magic Chairs album—in a variety of different places, with incredibly consistent results until the whole thing devolves into a pillow fight.  Portland musicians (and siblings) Peter Broderick and Heather Woods Broderick have joined the Danish band Efterklang as auxiliary members, but due to unfortunate circumstances Peter had to drop out of the tour. (That’s Peter “softly beating” on his chest in the video.) You can read all about that in our article on Efterklang

I asked Peter about the circumstances around his having to drop out of the tour, and he went above and beyond by writing me an incredibly detailed account of his injury and the subsequent events. I’m posting the entirety of Peter’s story; be sure to check it out. Peter is returning home later this month, ironically only a few short days after Efterklang plays their show here. It’s too bad Peter had to drop out of the tour, but it will be great to have him back home in Portland as he takes time to fully recuperate.

Catching Up With Casey Dienel

There’s a rumble of adulation around HUSH alumna Casey Dienel’s latest musical reinvention under the name White HinterlandKairos, out now on Dead Oceans, is the second full length from WH, and a departure to say the least.

Here are the tracks the label is generously sharing:


No Logic

Casey is going out this spring with the excellent multi-instrumentalist DOSH. Check the dates here.

Lastly, enjoy this lovely video by Michaela Copikova for the track “Amsterdam”.

To delve into Dienel’s roots as a songwriter, and to appreciate her evolution, look no further than her debut Wind-up Canary.

Casey Dienel – “Wind-up Canary” Sampler Mix

Catching up with Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza, former lead vocalist and stand up bassist for HUSH recording artist Noise For Pretend is cropping up again in the media. This time we find the The New Yorker lavishing an in-depth profile on the now 25 year old sensation.  You’ll need to pick up the mag, or have a digital subscription to read that, but the website has a nice podcast to accompany the article:

Esperanza on The New Yorker Audio Podcast

Recently, Esperanza performed some amazing, seemingly frenetic renditions of jazz standards in studio on NPR affiliate Jazz24. Listen here.

The author also provided some candid behind-the-scenes video of Spalding’s songwriting process and work on a forthcoming album:

When I visited her home in Austin, Texas, I asked if I could shoot some video of her explaining how a song gets written and arranged. She happily obliged me by talking about the creation of an as-yet-untitled song:

Spalding plans to record this song but not for her next album, “The Chamber Music Society,” which is due out this summer. But I went out to Bennett Recording Studios, in Englewood, N.J., and watched her conduct a string section for a song that will be. It’s called “Apple Blossom”:

Nick Jaina – Into The Woods

The new episode of Into The Woods’ “Feels Like Home” features a performance from Nick Jaina on his hardwood floor, plus a brief cameo (cateo?) from his little feline friend as well. Do I see a collaboration in their future? No? Well, okay then.

Jaina doesn’t do a new song from his forthcoming A Bird in the Opera House LP, instead going with “Maryanne,” the lovely opening number from 2008’s Wool.

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