Wool & Jason Leonard


First order of business. Wool is now shipping from the HUSHshop. Go there now and buy it. Gauranteed to kill you softly or your money back.

Next, let’s take a moment to take in the visual splendor of this release and give artist/musician/poster restoration expert Jason Leonard a proper shout out.

Not only does he play glass and steel bowls, wine glass harp, pitchforks, glockenspiel, resonator bells, leaves, belleplates, percussion, vibraphone and the like, but he turned in some delightful illustrations, including the cover for Wool. Who knew this mild-mannered multi-instrumentalist was so multi-disciplinary?

It doesn’t stop at illustration. Check out his myspace for animations and more music!


Rumor has it a collaboration with Laura Gibson may be in the works. Keep your browser trained on this here (new, did you notice?) site for developments!

Welcome (Broke Site Be Gone)

Hello there folks.

I’ll skip the technical bits about mirroring and root directory migration to just let you know quite plainly that if you happened to browse here lately only to find yourself inexplicably looking at an abstruse file list in blue Times font, well, I think those moments are behind us. Expect a few broken links here and there. (It’s been a trickier than expected launch.)

Nonetheless, I hope you find the new site a bit more relevant, informative, cogent, and easy to read.

And pretty.

Nick Jaina on OPB


The earlybirds are singing about Nick Jaina’s Wool. Nick and co. are starting to sing back.

As heard on OPBmusic’s In House.

Peruse the flickr set while listening, perhaps.

And read the blurbs if you’re curious:

“A beautifully interwoven effort… depicting elements of human loss, He perhaps puts it best by stating that the lyrics are “as economical as the words in children’s stories, as emotional as journal entries, and as deep as the Bible”…Wool will certainly appeal to a niche that recognizes quality as a form of emotional sincerity, regardless of volume or tempo.” – Obscure Sound

“But the very thing that causes many classical aficionados to stiff at the simplicity of pop music is, I would contend, pop’s very strength–what Proust, of all people, referred to as “the magic appeal to the imagination” found in things that those interested only in “intellectual weightiness” would condemn as “frivolous.” Or maybe it’s compelling simply because Jaina–itinerant, whimsical, a former archaeology student–is himself compelling, in a quirky sort of way. – Fingertips

“A collection of lush, intimate, piano-driven “ballads and lullabies,” Wool has been on repeat in my house for two days straight, with no end in sight.” – Fabulist

“Jaina actually started the album writing songs on Elliott Smith’s old piano, and there’s a hint of Smith’s “Baby Britain” swing to the wordless “la da da da da da dum” chorus, [from “Maryanne”] – Local Cut

“Rather than try to control his music, Jaina seems to allow his songs to guide him, as if he is but the vessel.” – Berkely Place

Velella Velella on KEXP


photo: Ruste Pace

Our favorite indie-dance troupe played to morning commuters all around the Puget Sound, and people in various points in space-time (via their popular radio stream) on the influential KEXP. See why DJ John “In The Morning” Richards calls VV one of his favorite local bands:

Download the sesh.

Peruse the Flickr set.

Download the session here.