Meet Run On Sentence


Run On Sentence is the name Dustin Hamman chose to represent his music variously played solo, or in ensemble. The name may be a bit of a misnomer, in that Hamman’s songs are taut in verse and structure. Stylistically his songs may be adventurous (blues, juke joint music, soaring arrangements a lá Neutral Milk Hotel…) but he is never prone to prattle or self-indulgence. His debut Oh When The Wind Comes Down will be released on HUSH this fall. It was produced by Nick Jaina and features many (most) of the players from the Nick Jaina band and other Portland all stars. Just today the Willamette Week published a feature on him in anticipation of his show this Friday at Mississippi Studios (10pm) with Ryan Solee (of The Builders and the Butchers). This is a highly recommended event.

Hear some tracks on his Myspace page. See also his profile on this site.

Nick Jaina – The 7 Stations


The 7 Stations is now available via the HUSHshop and finer retailers. It showcases the ensemble side of Nick Jaina’s dynamic, genre-hopping songwriting. As per usual we’ve added a sampler mix to our free HUSHcast. And, as per usual it features links and pictures that float by in the album art square as you listen, to elucidate the story. hsh078.jpg

The story in a nutshell is that this is a reissue of the out-of-print release of late 2006. It is, we feel, a modern classic. We’ve also uploaded an mp3 version of the sampler, so you can listen right here:

The 7 Stations Mix

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ps. coming soon to HUSHcast: Rauelsson!



Loch Lomond photo: Alicia Rose

The Portland weekly Willamette Week did their annual Best New Band cover story and we’re happy to see the efforts of two HUSH roster bands honored by their peers in their top 10 poll. Congratulations goes to Loch Lomond and Nick Jaina who have worked hard to get where they are. Loch Lomond was invited to play the top 3 billing showcase and represented themselves (and HUSH) well to say the least. In solidarity with the Builders and Butchers, who topped the list, the bands traded cameos on each other’s closing songs. It’s worth noting that the two also shared sides on a slab of wax recently, a spilit EP vinyl-only release on Bladen County Records. Highly recommended.


Nick Jaina photo: Melanie Brown


It’s a big year for Nick Jaina indeed, who has already traversed the country and is set to potentially release 3 records. Okay, The 7 Stations out this Tuesday May 13 is a reissue, but it’s aged like wine, we think. Many of the songs from this CD are live set favorites, and it’s rather refreshing to note their malleable melodies in the hands of the present stage troupe.


Tu Fawning photo: Alicia Rose

Special mention goes out to Tu Fawning, the inimitable musical convergence of minimal folk heroine Corrina Repp (HUSH solo performer and HUSHshop mistress extraordinaire!) and partner Joe Haege (31 Knots). They recently doubled in size with the addition of Liza Rietz and Toussaint Perrault and will celebrate the release of their gorgeous debut, the “Secession EP” May 17th at Rotture, Portland, OR. Visit their Myspace to hear a couple songs.