Bienvenidos Rauelsson


Raúl Pastor Medall is the first of our roster to break our anglophone release history and we’re thrilled about it. We became acquainted with Raúl during his Portland residency last year as he made fast friends with The Loch Lomond crew and Laura Gibson, among others.

His forthcoming release for HUSH is as stunning in form as it is in sound: Two satisfying EP CDs are housed in sturdy black board gatefold with Evan B. Harris (Cover artist for Laura Gibson’s If You Come To Greet Me) scribed text, printed with gold ink.

Raúl has given several interviews for Spanish radio recently and is presently at work on a soundtrack. We are looking forward to having him back in the Northwest in May.

Until then, enjoy this lovely tune (Featuring Laura Gibson):

Otoño Pacifico

And say ciao over on his site or myspace

On The Road With Laura Gibson


Laura’s been out on the road with Colin Meloy for a couple weeks now, opening the shows and singing duets with the most famous HUSH alumni. The route took them through DC, where Ms. Gibson had the pleasure of meeting Bob Boilen of NPR. Bob intived her to his desk cubicle to perform for those who weren’t on deadline for an off the cuff performance of “Hands In Pockets”. Have a look. The payoff is a the end, I think.

Very endearing, as always.

Checking in again with Nick Jaina


Burlington Free Press offers this classy audio postcard montage. The lads are working their way back to Stumptown, but if you’re a Californian you’ll have no excuse not to catch them live, as they play every locale in the golden state over the next three weeks or so. (see sidebar for dates).

As if maiking up for lost time, Nick waxed poetical in a tour diary update to rival the likes of Melville at The scene was Wichita, KS, and the outlook is temporarily dour (but in case you don’t make it to the end) everything is okay, everything is alright. The music goes on.

We’ve also added Nick’s 2005 CD effort The Bluff Of All Time, and some handsome Nick Jaina related Tees to the HUSHshop.

Shelley Short: Gifts From Paris & Portland


photo: Laurent Orseau

We’re pleased to announce that Shelley’s third album Water For The Day is now available for early order in the HUSHshop. Shelley will be playing a not-to-miss CD Release show at The Someday Lounge in Portland this Sunday April 13th before a short west coast tour to begin later in the month.

Thanks to Laurent Orseau, who since 2001 have fostered creativity with rare kindness and warmth with their nonprofit association Hinah, a true gift to humanity from which songs, images, and writings spring eternal. Shelley Short recently stopped in and annointed their new flat with a few songs:

Find this and more at

1 – “Godamn Thing”
00:02:49 / 3.23 MB
2 – “Sunny Side”
00:02:37 / 2.99 MB
3 – “Swimming”
00:03:23 / 3.88 MB
4 – “How Grand”
00:03:18 / 3.78 MB
5 – “Bells Of Hell”
00:01:57 / 2.23 MB